Collected Commentary, 2003-2009

Interactive Fiction

Retrospective: IFComp ’962004
Retrospective: IFComp ’972004
IFComp ’042004
Spring Thing ’052005
IFComp ’052005
Fire on the Water2006
IFComp ’062006
IFComp ’072007
IFComp ’082008
Final Selection and selected others2009
IFComp ’092009

Video Games, Then and Now

Kid Niki 32003
From Ai Senshi Nicol to Zatsugaku Olympic2003
Mach Rider and more2004
Just Breed2004
Super Mario Bros. 22004
Let’s Play Angband2004
God Medicine and two other pills2005
Cave Story2005
Final Fantasy II2005
Mega Man VI2005
Secret of Mana2005
Duel Academy2006
Dragoon X Omega 22006
Ghosts ’n Goblins2006
Dragon Quest III2007
Eight Arms: Skyblazer and more2007
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2007
Double Dragon2007
Emerald Dragon2008
Twilight Princess2008

Other Entertainments

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go2007
Three Movies Four Ways2008
Twenty Favorite Tunes of ’082008
Edgar Sawtelle (sort of)2009
Wolf Totem2009
In Their Own Words: Three Books2009

Every Extend

A Dark Night’s Passing2010
Windows 72010
The China Study2010
IFComp ’102010

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