Table for One

Just Breed, by Takashi Yasuno, Kazuro Morita, and Yuzo Takada, Enix, 1992. Translated by Shih Tzu and Bongo`, 2004.

Shih Tzu’s script for Just Breed is a smorgasbord of awesome. It’s . . .

That’s a fine ass, girl! How about I tell you something just as fine?
tactful . . .

Hee-hee... I’m an animal-lovin’ guy. Animal-love... a splendid word, no?
wholesome . . .

But I no understanding what man in shop says things. Man in shop are great man.
fluent . . .

That tiara you wear... it’s not the most manly of items, you know?
tolerant . . .

Dude! The soldiers here are all girls!
mature . . .

Come! Reawaken thyself!! O Exalted Megagod Jisfandeeel!!!
restrained . . .

In river of dam to spinning break that man for repair would know by the way girl...
always intelligible . . .

That old guy can suck it.
even-handed . . .

Borne Shipping — The One You Love!
upstanding . . .

...The hell are you doing in my house?
polite . . .

When I think about it, the journey seemed so long, and yet so short.
profound . . .

...Uh-huh-huh huh-huh! ...Uh-huh-huh huh-huh! ...Uh-huh-huh huh-huh! ......Awww, yeeah.
eloquent . . .

d’Tungal bluddenfrut, eggi doropie nu sylvalanti, gollyn turblemacht!
comprehensible . . .

Sorry for the wait. Here you go.
and totally worth the wait.