World of Wonder

The Hidden Springs of 桃太郎伝説 (Momotarō Densetsu)

Southwestern peninsula.Due south of 旅立ちの村 (Travel Town).
Western oasis.In the desert valley between 雀のお宿1 (Sparrow's Inn 1) and 花咲かの村 (Hansaka Town).
Northwestern mountain ridge.In the forest northwest of 雀のお宿2 (Sparrow's Inn 2) and south of 氷の塔 (Ice Tower).
Northeastern woods.North of 希望の村 (Wish City) and west of 雀のお宿3 (Sparrow's Inn 3).
Eastern ravine.West of 雀のお宿4 (Sparrow's Inn 4) at the northwest tip of オニの爪痕 (Oni's Claws).
Southeastern peninsula.Southeast of さるかにの村 (Crab Monkey Town).
Island cape.Northwest of 竹取の村 (Bamboo Bird Town).

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