IFComp vote data in TSV format, 1999-2022

Scraped from ifcomp.org and formatted with the ifcomp-tsv-digest script included in this archive.

The competition began in 1995 but not until 1999 was the vote distribution data made public.

This isn't affiliated in any way with the comp itself; I just wanted an easier way to sort the results by standard deviation.

3.0375The Gostak (2001)
2.9513Begegnung am Fluss (2001)
2.7958Final Girl (2013)
2.7562Return to Zork: Another Story (2000)
2.7522SPY INTRIGUE (2015)
2.6466With Those We Love Alive (2014)
2.6412Tohu wa Bohu (2018)
2.6123their angelical understanding (2013)
2.5995Queer In Public: A Brief Essay (2017)
2.5943Summit (2015)

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